Our History

LDC was founded as a 501(c) non-profit and non-political organization by a group of dedicated volunteers of business people, academicians and professionals in Lehigh Valley in 2004.

LDC strives for social justice, interfaith cooperation, advocacy through positive change and connections, relationship-building and partnership for the common good, and respecting both religious and non religious identities through its wide range of activities like Social Responsibility Projects, Panels, Conferences, Talks, Civic Engagement Projects, Annual Dialogue and Award Ceremonies, Ramadan Iftar Dinners and Intercultural Trips Programs, etc.

We believe that better integration with local communities will contribute to the peace, prosperity and harmony in our area. We also believe getting to know each other will build bridges among our communities. Respect to plurality and dialogue is key to world peace.

Our Vision

LDC envisions a world a community in which people from all walks of life interact with each other and cooperate to serve their communities, thus promoting the development of human values.

LDC seeks to accomplish its vision by engaging in a variety of civic activities and inviting others to generate and share insights, thereby removing barriers to confidence building and trust.

Our Mission

  • To achieve mutual understanding and common commitments for enriching the social good.
  • To serve the community for their religious needs through regular services and rituals.
  • To promote mutual understanding, respect, and collaboration between followers of different religious traditions.
  • To encourage respect and tolerance for religious differences among followers of all faiths in our community.
  • To deal with issues related to living together as part of the community.
  • To foster efforts at education and communication among people of different faiths.

Our Goal

  • Build relationships among diverse cultures and traditions.
  • Provide educational platforms for global and social challenges.
  • Encourage people to actively engage in solving social and global problems of humanity.
  • Help provide an atmosphere of peace and understanding for all people, regardless of their race, culture or tradition.