Screen Addiction: A Seminar for Parents

The seminar took place on October 29, 2017. The purpose of this seminar was to acquaint parents of most pernicious issues their children face because might be happening when their parents are not around. Those issues were recognized and presented under two topics – “Screen Addiction” and “Issues with Religious Identities and Solutions“.

Screen Addiction

In the the first part of the seminar, the speaker Dr. Murat Ozturk informed attendees of similarities between screen addiction, and drug or alcohol addiction in the effects they do to children’s cognitive abilities and hormonal cycle. The first part ended on a positive note on what parents could do to help their children do away with this bad habit.

Issues with Religious Identities and Solutions

In the second part of the seminar, the impacts of peer pressure on shaping children’s habits were addressed. Once again, the possible solutions were put forth for the parents to utilize.

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