Turkey Trip Organization

The annual intercultural trip to Turkey is one way in which we seek to interact with members of diverse groups, share, and appreciate our common values. The trip to Turkey aims to provide participants with a genuine intercultural experience at the central meeting place of East and West. Secular and democratic Turkey is home to a mosaic of different cultures, religions and ethnicities and, as such, provides a living example of peaceful coexistence among different communities. The trip includes visits to historic sites that have significance in Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions. Additionally, there will be visits to civic organizations, academic and governmental institutions like the Turkish Parliament in Ankara, as well as meetings with local citizens and/or business leaders, professionals, academicians, and local, state, or federal government officials.

So far, we have been to Turkey with more than 50 guests including politicians, theologians, and historians, faculties from other disciplines, Christian, Jewish and Muslim community leaders and students from different ages.

Most recent trip was with a group of faculty and staff members from Moravian Theological Seminary and Kutztown University where we especially visited historical places which are well known in the Christian history like House of Virgin Mary in Ephesus, Izmir; St. Pierre’s Church in Antioch,Hatay and early churches in the Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia,Nigde. Aside from these optional locations which may vary depending on the group’s common interests, we visit Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa and Antalya, and Konya (where famous Islamic scholar and poet Mawlana Celaleddin Rumi lived and has his tomb) mostly with all groups.