Seminar Series

LDC organize seminar series as a venue to cultivate friendship and strengthen civic dialogue among the many civil communities. The speakers of the seminars include prominent government, elected, corporate and media officials, religious leaders, academics, diplomats, and other civic leaders and they share their viewpoints and experiences on important issues facing our local communities.
These seminar series provide information on important public, intercultural issues and help to build ever-lasting and strong relationships among the different communities of the Lehigh Valley.

Christians & Muslims Talking Together
LDC has been a proud sponsor and participant of Moravian Theological Seminary course “Christians & Muslims Talking Together”. This six-week long course is instructed every semester at Moravian Theological Seminary and Respect Graduate School with different topics each semester. Some of the topics have been covered includes
* Misunderstandings & Understandings
* Exploring Differences Among & Between Us
* Speaking about Beginnings, Endings, and Beyond
* Muslims & Christians Sharing About Their Experiences

LDC aims to be proactive and productive part of the society by visiting and inviting civic, governmental, and non-governmental organizations to exchange ideas, and seek their support and take part in such organizations’ activities. This community outreach focuses on the intercultural awareness of people and acknowledges the community’s challenges in addressing the common problems facing society.

Seminar on FBI
Special FBI agents met with Turkish community living in Lehigh Valley to discuss what programs the FBI has initiated that focus on community involvement and how the community can partner with the FBI to make Lehigh Valley a safer place to live. Also, the structure of the FBI was discussed and the FBI’s top ten priorities were listed such as Prevention of Terrorism, cyber-based attacks, foreign intelligence operations, and protecting civil rights. The FBI recently initiated programs that had focus on community involvement and how the community can partner with the FBI to make our community a safer place to live. It was emphasized that alleviating the fear people have toward the FBI is very crucial.

Seminar on Fire Department
Executives from fire department attended to the seminar organized by LDC. Fire truck and tools used for fire operations introduced to firstly to our community’s curious kids and Turkish community in Lehigh Valley. Our community was also informed about fire department’s work, precautions to be taken in emergency situations, and most importantly, what measures should be taken in case of hurricanes. The event ended with question & answer session.