LDC 4th Annual Ramadan Tent Iftar

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On Wednesday, July the 9th, LDC and NEICC of PA organized the 4th Annual Ramadan Tent Iftar at the Payrow Plaza in Bethlehem. Thanks to City of Bethlehem for the opportunity. Friends from various parts of the community gathered and shared this evening. The event started at 730pm with a period of reception right outside the tent. Then guests moved in the tent and gathered around the tables. Savas Saymaz, President of LDC greeted the guests and spoke briefly about our organization and the evening.

Then Mr Sacit Arvasi, Islamic Clergy from Wilkesbury spoke about Ramadan and fasting, followed by a brief speech by Muhammed Cetin, PhD and congressman from Turkey about Ramadan and importance of sharing of such evenings with friends. Then with the call to prayer by Orhan Guven, the dinner were served. The guests enjoyed the Turkish Cuisine and great time during the dinner.

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