Annual Friendship Dinner

Lehigh Dialogue Center has been organizing Annual Friendship Dinner events since 2004. The motivation behind these dinners and all other organizations that LDC hosts or contributes is bringing people of different backgrounds in terms of culture, religion or ethnicities together around a common understanding of building a peaceful community which will also inspire others. We do believe that peace can only be achieved when people of the community start to understand each other and act together in harmony to solve the common problems regardless of their social identities. Friends who join the dinner find the opportunity to learn about other cultures or faiths while enjoying the delicious Turkish food served for the night.

LDC held the 12th Annual Friendship Dinner on April 30th, 2015 with the theme of the night selected as “Peace building during turbulent times”. Alan Jennings and Nancy Tate, well known figures in Lehigh Valley for their social projects joined the dinner as guest speakers. At the end of the event, Traditional Turkish Water Marbling (Ebru) Art was also performed before the guests.